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Paint Sealant Services by Mr-Detailing

We at Mr.Detailing have options for middle grounds for our customers. Do you want to protect your vehicle’s paint, but are constrained by your budget? We provide a solution to your dilemma, The Paint Sealant.

Our car paint provides a thin layer of protection that prohibits contaminants and UV rays to penetrate through it and damage the paint. Paint Sealants fill up into the pores and irregularities of the paint surface creating a smooth finish on the top. It is a fully synthetic coating designed for your vehicle’s surface that also provides mirror-like shine. Our Paint Sealants are made from polymer technology and synthetic ingredients that last more than traditional wax and also provide stronger protections against paint damaging materials.

Our paint sealants are cheaper than other paint protection options and last as long as six months. It also creates a higher gloss finish when applied correctly to paint in good condition, enhancing the natural shine of the vehicle’s surface. Our Paint Sealants also protect the surface against harsh acidic contaminants like acid rains, bird droppings and bug splatters. Applying our Paint Sealant also makes it easier to wash and dry your vehicle.

It can be applied either by hand application or machine application. You need to get your paint corrected before applying a Paint Sealant to make sure that the imperfections are not highlighted. Contact our service men to get your car coated with Paint Sealant now.

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