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Our Paint Protection Film is the ultimate solution to keep your car looking brand new forever. It is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality look on your vehicle. This film is virtually invisible and protects the surface without compromising on the features or colour. This will protect your car from scratches, chips, stains and other damaging elements.

Paint Protection Films is a thermoplastic urethane that has self-healing properties to heal itself from minor abrasions. We have a large variety of optically clear PPF in a variety of thicknesses and shades. These maintain their clarity for more than ten years. We also have pre-stretch and pre-form varieties fro complex wraps and curves.

We also make sure to protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle like the hoods, front bumpers, door edges, door handle cavities, side mirrors, rocker panels and rear fender panels. Our PPF makes sure that Rocker panels are protected from sand and stones kicked up by the tires; hoods, bumpers and mirror backs are protected from flying gravel, bug acids and tar; door handle cavities and the edges are protected from rings, keys, belt buckles and purses; full hoods, trunks and roofs are protected from bird droppings and tree sap droppings.

Our Paint Protective Film is maintenance free, stain and fade resistant, has excellent durability, can be removed safely and won’t damage fully cured paint finishes

These have to be installed by certified trained professionals to get the best of these films. Contact our PPF experts now to get your vehicle surface protected.

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