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Everyone loves to drive and travel in a car that is clean and smells fresh, moreover that too by saving water. Introducing the ‘Dry Cleaning’ by Mr-Detailing to get your car interior and exterior clean.

Our Dry Cleaning involves using a liquid that contains polymers that mix with the dirt and then evaporate to make the dirt emerge, so that it can be easily removed. Our Dry Cleaning won’t leave any marks and it dries out very quickly as compared to water or any other liquids.

Our dry cleaning products contain emulsified waxes that clean the surface as well as leave a polishing and protective effect. The surfactants we use are bio-degradable, and the product guarantees maximum environmental compatibility. Our products don’t contain any abrasive components and have very less amount of solvents that guarantee safety of every kind of plastic and metal surface.

We use specifically designed products for Dry Cleaning your vehicle that work in a trigger version and is effective against dirt and lime scale stains.

Normally washing and cleaning a car requires 80 to 140 liters of water, but in our Dry Cleaning we conserve that huge amount of water. We leave no water drops leaking from gaskets and mirrors, so there are no small marks on them due to limestone residues.

It is one of the quickest, effective and ecofriendly ways to get your vehicle cleaned and smell fresh.. Want to get your car Dry Cleaned by us at affordable prices? Book an appointment with your specialists to dry clean your vehicle at the earliest.

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