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Do you want your car to look as good as they day you drove it out of the showroom into the streets? Here we are at your service to provide you a service to protect your vehicle surface from environmental hazards and make your vehicle easy to clean and wash without the requirement of repeated application.


Ceramic Coating is a clear liquid polymer that is manually applied by hand on the exterior surface of the vehicle which then chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint and creates a protective layer over it. It is more protective than other methods of car surface protection but not as PPF. It forms a layer of thickness of 2microns over the paint surface. It has lifetime durability and can only be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals.

Our ceramic coating doesn’t have any side effects on the vehicle’s original parts, and meanwhile protects it from dirt, scratches and chemical contaminators. Due to the strong chemical bonding with the stock paint, it stays put on even under heavy shocks and vibrations. It makes it easier to clean the car surface as no dirt sticks on the surface and it is free from abrasions. Simply wiping it with a clean cloth will bring back the shine of the vehicle surface.

Ceramic coating being inert to every chemical available in the market, it is resistant to chemical stains and etching.

If the Ceramic coating is not done by professionals it can leave your car surface looking worse than the original paint surface. So book an appointment with us to get your new or old car coated to keep it always looking brand new.

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