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Want to keep your vehicle looking as good as new even after months and years of usage? There are several exterior treatment options available to protect your car paint and maintain it. One of such methods is Teflon Coating, which is a flouro-polymer and has a base of synthetic was. Teflon forms a coating that is 0.02 microns thick and forms a protecting layer over the exterior paint of your car. Teflon coating has an excellent service life and retains its properties over a long period of time. It lasts for duration of five to six months and is affordable as compared to other methods of protecting the exterior paint.

Our Teflon Coating makes your car exterior non-stick as well as temperature resistant. The non-stick property of Teflon makes it a self-cleaning coating as no dirt sticks to it. Teflon used by us is of high quality and is inert to all chemical solvents. It makes the paint chemical resistant, preventing damage if exposed to harsh chemicals. It will also make your car surface resistant to water, ensuring that the paint doesn’t oxidase and is protected in all ranges of humidity.

Getting your vehicle Teflon coated will provide long term weather-ability making it resistant to ultraviolet rays, oxidation, discoloration and embrittlement.

Don’t worry about the change in appearance of your vehicle surface as Teflon has low refractive index. Thus the vehicle’s visual appearance won’t change under any light exposure.

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