Car Rubbing & Polishing

Car Rubbing & Polishing by Mr-Detailing

Keeping your car shining and looking new, doesn’t need a huge amount of money. It just needs the Rubbing and Polishing service regularly.

Car rubbing and polishing is a very important step while getting your car cleaned or serviced to make it look as good as new. Our purpose at is to keep your car looking its best. You might have observed defects such as minute scratches, stains, stone marks, bird shits or marks of acid rains, that don’t damage the complete paint lining, but affect only the top coat of the paint. Rubbing will these defects and give your car surface a smooth and neat look. After rubbing, your vehicle needs polishing. It will make vehicle surface smooth and provide a glossy shine to the paint surface. We give your car a mirror shine look by removing the defects and polishing the surface. Polishing removes the oxidized paint on the surface, removes minor scratches, and smooth imperfections in the paint.

Rubbing and Polishing will prevent permanent damage to your vehicle paint. Getting your vehicle polished will extend the life and beauty of your vehicle exterior.

After polishing we wax coat the paint to prevent further damages by exposing the vehicle paint.

We are capable of rubbing and polishing your car with trained service men, state-of-the-art machineries and best quality materials. Book an appointment with us to enhance the look of your vehicle and make it look shiny as new at really affordable and competitive prices.

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